Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Pets.

I am a animal lover to a fault. If there is an animal that has been thrown out or needs a home. I am the one who will take it in. So today I am going to share my wonderful pets with everyone.

This is My kitty, Trouble, yes that is her name. She got this name cause when she was little she was always into something. She is my therpy pet, as well. I have 3 other kitty's who live in my house, just don't have pics of them right now.

This is Klymmer he is a sugar glider. I have 2 others besides him, he is my daughter's. The other ones are Betty (female) and Beast (male). They are a wonderful pet if you really want a long term pet.

This is Maddy, her and her sister live with us too. They are just puppies right now (I don't have a pic of her sis).  Her sister's name is Casio.

Before moving to Tx we had a snake, two rats, and 5 mice. We got rid of and sold them before the move, but we did bring the gliders, the puppies and two of the kitty's with us from AZ.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my wonderful pets.
Hugs and kisses to all,


  1. Hi, I am visiting from Meet Me On Monday. You have the beginnings of a lovely blog!

    Love your animals!

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  2. Very cute pets. :) I have never seen a sugar glider. We just have three cats. Well two cats and one kitten. We also foster kittens in the summer and early fall. Our kitten came from one of those litters. :) I'm just dropping by from Meet Me On Monday. Hope you can drop by too.

  3. Hi,
    Stopping in to say hi from the hop!
    Love the animals!! You sound like me! I always had plenty of rescue animals the kids brought home from baby racoons to baby birds you name it we helped.
    Stopping in from Pegsplay

  4. Hi,
    Nice to meet you, I am a new follower via Meet Me On Monday and I would love it if you would follow me too.
    I have never seen a sugar glider before!
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