Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Trips

Well tonight Gina and I are heading out to Tx. We are meeting John in Paris, Tx, From there John and I will head on home while Gina comes back to Tulsa. Yay I am going home. I have really enjoyed being up here with my wonderful cousin Gina, but I have really missed my babies. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday, and Bob you better keep that North Gate closed cause I don't want anymore of that weather coming down to Texas. LOL

Hugs to everyone,


  1. hi kim...your blog looks great and i hope gina and you have a safe trip. (gina, please have a safe trip back hon) kim, i will try to keep the north gate closed for you, but wow! after keeping it closed for arms are about to
    ((((((kim))))))) hugssss

  2. So happy to have you home. Love you, babe!

  3. Sorry Dad, you have to be STRONGER and keep it closed for Kimmie!!! :0)