Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

Welcome to Meet Me On Monday Blog hop....I haven't really been keeping up with how many I have done or the weeks...but welcome anyway and hope you enjoy.

1.  What do you put on your hot dog?
2.  Do you play Sudoku?
3.  What is your favorite vegetable?
4.  Do you color your hair?
5.  What is your favorite brand of clothing?

My answers are:

I like mustard, and mayo on my hotdogs (maybe a little cheese). I don't really eat hotdogs thought cause they upset my tummy.

I play sudoku when I can. I have a little handheld game that I play, when it isn't dead...LOL. played it too much I guess.

I really love greenbeans...I put salt and pepper on them.

Yes I color my hair. I color it burgendy actually. It is really pretty.

I actually don't have a favorite brand. I buy different brands each time I shop. Guess I am one of those that doesn't care as long as it fits.

Hope all has a wonderful Monday.
Hugs to everyone.

1 comment:

  1. hey ya Cuz glad to see you back blogging...sure do miss having the company,.
    Love n hugs