Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Sites

My wonderful neice...Today was her 13th Birthday Party...this is the chocolate strips from her cake, what a silly girl.
My girls and I went to Ft. Worth to her birthday party. They had a scavenger hunt in the Mall, and what fun they had.

I love you John and am so glad to be home, NEED sleep though. Got home real early Friday morning and slept 4 hrs, and then went to Ft. Worth early today. Think I will sleep good tonight, I hope.

Hugs and kisses to all,


  1. That is an awesome pic of Brooklyn! I love you too, babe. I wish I could have gone with you today but, alas, work.

  2. kim...a really kewl pic of your niece and blog! im sure gina and you were happy to get home, and of course..being with your family again. keep up the great blogging!!
    ((((((kim)))))))) hugsss