Saturday, June 11, 2011

Supper Saturday

Today I want to BRAG about my daughter...not only is she MY daughter but she has more talant in her little finger then I do in my entire body.

I keep telling her she should Blog...So I thought I would let everyone else be the judge of that..She has been in Arizona and is now in Oklahoma, While in Arizona she was praticing her Tattooing, she is aspiring to be a Tattoo Artist, and Artist she is...I will also Post one of her latest Tattoo's that she did.

So on to why I think she should SO Blog...So I txt her asking her "How are you today hunny" and I receive a txt like this..."Alex went Hand gliding, Jordan went to run for president, James is building R2D2, Elisa is slaying Vampires and petting Werewolfs, and I ran away to Seame Street to date Cookie Monster"...or it went something like that. Now mind you just about everytime I ask her via Txt how she is doing, I now wonder what is going to come out of that pretty little head of hers...and just an FYI, Alex is her baby neice (who is 1yr), Jorden is Alex's dad, James is our roommate, and Elisa is her 14yr old sister....SO you can see why this is so funny.

This is just one of the Tattoo's she did while in Arizona..

I hope everyone has enjoyed today's Blog, sorry I just had to Brag about my daughter a little bit.



  1. I LOVE her tattoo. And go ahead, she deserves to be bragged about.

  2. My daughter, who lives in Arizona, just announced she's ready to get her second tattoo. Don't think I'm ready for it.